Facts About Linksys Router Default Password

Almost all wireless access points and routers allow administrator to change or manage their Wi-Fi account with the help of special administrative account. You can adjust or change the user name and password, through that account; remember this two are the most important details which are required to access the account. This goes similar with the Linksys router password. If you know some tips, you can change the default Linksys router password easily.

Manufacturers set the user-name and password in the factory. Very often the user name would be administrator or admin. For the password you can try it leaving the box blank or using some simple word such as public, password or admin. To protect others from spontaneous use of your account, you should change the password on your router after successful installation of the unit. The universal passwords are too common; hackers are well-aware of that and those are posted freely on the internet. If there is no problem you should change your administrative username too.

The Linksys default password of setup is mode-specific. For instance, the default username and password of Comcast routers are Comcast and 1234 respectively whereas the cable/DSL models use administrator as user name. All other Linksys router has no user-name that means keep it blank and press enter. And the admin is the password they use. If somehow you have forgotten your password, it will be better to reset it at factory default settings. In order to return to the default factory settings, just press and hold on to the reset button for around 30 seconds. After that, you can login using the initial default password and user-name. Complete the configuration settings again. One important issue you need to keep in mind that, if your IP address is changed at the time of reset, it may require you to wait up to 24 hours to get a new address. You can also use WAP to encrypt your system for added security.

You can see now how easy it is to break Wi-Fi network security. So you should modify your username and password frequently (at least once in every 1-3 months). Try to use words that are difficult to guess. Or you may use encrypted words. If you could change your password it may ask you to enter it twice. It ensures you to remember your password. Because you need to retype the same password to ensure that you did not type the wrong password first time accidentally. As the change is confirmed, you should save the settings by simply clicking the save button. The new password of Linksys router takes effect immediately. You do not require rebooting the system. You should try to explore the settings of your router and change the password just for security purpose.


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